Woodinville Community Young Life

Young Life, Club, Malibu, Wildhorse Canyon, WyldLife or Frontier Ranch are things or places you may have heard about at some point in your lifetime. Yet, you may not know what Young Life is. Young Life is not a school club or a youth group, nor is it a place. Young Life exists because there are adults in our community who love Jesus and care about Jr High and High School kids. We don't care about throwing our thoughts and opinions on kids... we do, however, care about showing kids that there is fun to be had and there is a God who loves them. Club, Camp, Campaigners are places designed with this care and Jr High and High School kids in mind.​​

Check out age specific sites to find out more!

Young Life for Woodinville High School 9-12 graders
Wyldlife​ for Leota Junior High and Timbercrest Junior High - 7th & 8th graders


Young Life Northshore | PO Box 2859 Woodinville, WA 98072-2859

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